About ~ Welcome

We are Fred & Cynthia, formerly of Colorado in the USA, now living in the mountains in the Interior of the country of Panama. This is a journal of our adventure of building our new home from shipping containers. There will be hurdles to jump, experiences to treasure, and who knows what else along the way.

(Update: After a long rainy season start up of clearing the lot, building a fence, bringing in electricity, and pouring concrete columns, we now have containers welded to the columns and are working on the actual house construction.)

Just Google “shipping container houses” or “shipping container homes” and you will find a movement (maybe too early to call it a trend) that is well underway. Although not a dwelling, we find this site, Puma City Shipping Container Store, particularly interesting because it is portable, traveling the world, and displays the incredible strength and design flexibility of this type of building. Here are some more: 10 Shipping Container Homes.

Here they all are like ducks in a row.

In addition, as things strike me as interesting, I will be adding stories about our life here in Panama.

DISCLAIMER: By the way, this site is about how we did it. We may not have done it right, and we are not telling you how to do it. If you take any of this and apply it to your own project, or tell someone else about it for their project, you are all on your own and you take full responsibility for your actions. Reminds me of the sign in the old repair shop. “Repairs: $5. If you help: $25.” Or this one: “Answers: $Free. Answers backed by thought: $25. Correct answers: $50.”

So here we go, follow along, and enjoy!


3 Responses to About ~ Welcome

  1. lexy3587 says:

    wow, this sounds like a very cool idea – looking forward to browsing through your blog and seeing how it is all coming together!

  2. Atticus F says:

    Thanks very much for the comments on my recent shipping container home blog post! I appreciate your stopping by to provide my readers with more information on your story.

    I do enjoy reading your posts; you have lots of great ideas and interesting tales!

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